Iron Horse Dx Pipeline

Iron Horse has a strong pipeline of diagnostic tests under development and opportunities to become a dominant player in the neuronal injury space.

Neuronal Injury Assays

Blood-based test for neuronal injury / TBI / concussion using a panel of different proteins

A blood-based assay for early detection of neurologic disorders is an exciting and new advancement made available to primary care physicians. This test would be useful for rapid neurology referrals for multiple conditions, including ALS, MS and neuropathies. We have multiple scientific publications indicating that our blood-based test can also detect TBI and concussion in adults and children and can monitor the resolution and repair of the nervous system. Total annual US market size of over 2 million subjects, with potential to assay multiple samples from each patient to monitor extent of TBI / concussion and resolution over time. This assay can also be used for sports medicine as a biologic measure to determine concussion damage and time required to return to sports activities. Our biologic panel of biomarkers for damage to the nervous system is useful for many conditions, including TBI, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Tests for activation of microglial activation/Inflammatory profile

These tests are quite valuable to be included in a biomarker “tool kit” that can be used for multiple neurologic diseases, as they measure activation of cell types that cause inflammation in the periphery and central nervous system. These tests will be incorporated in precision medicine programs for neurologic diseases.

Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity/Treatment Response Test

A number of recent publications show a role for measuring neurofilaments levels in cerebrospinal fluid as disease activity and treatment response in multiple sclerosis.